Shmuel Hauser


Professor Shmuel Hauser serves as Senior Vice President at ONO Academic College. His prior positions include the Dean at ONO Academic faculty of Business and a Professor of Finance at Ben-Gurion University. Between 2011 and 2018, Hauser served as the Chairman of the Israel Securities Authority – ISA (Israeli SEC). During this time, Hauser also served as co-Chairman of Israel Accounting Standards Board (IASB), a member of an advisory committee to the Banks’ Supervisor at the Bank of Israel, and a member of the advisory committee to the Israel Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority.

Hauser initiated over 100 law amendments to Israeli securities laws, and implemented major reforms. Prior to being Chairman of the ISA, Hauser served as the Chairman of a market-making company, a Director at two major financial investment houses, and Director of the Israeli S&P ranking company (Maalot). Concurrent with his work, Hauser pursued an academic career in the fields of: Corporate Finance, Capital Market Regulation, Corporate Governance and Microstructure. He has published numerous articles in leading academic journals in these fields.

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