G City Accessibility

G City ascribes great importance to equal and accessible service for people with disabilities.

The G City Group has set a goal to provide equal and accessible service to all who visit its assets, while fulfilling the provisions of the Law for Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities -Accessibility Adjustments to Buildings, Infrastructure, and Environment and Accessibility Adjustments to Service.

Thus the company has acted and acts with much effort and many resources in making its assets accessible, whether in the physical aspects – to allow comfortable access to guests with disabilities, or the service aspect and that is with the help of accessibility advisers. The company’s officers and employees have been and are trained regularly on the subject of accessibility of service and attentiveness to people with disabilities in every area.

Link for G Center accessibility details

Website Accessibility:

The site was constructed with code corresponding to the AA level of accessibility regulations.

A number of elements were assimilated into the site suited to various profiles of people with disabilities and among them – visually impaired, slow-witted (speed and additional information), blindness (reading instruments), colorblindness, keyboard users and epilepsy.

Some of the main elements embedded in the website according to accessibility level AA follow:

  1. Transmission of pictures on the homepage and the inside pages is automatically slow. Stopping and independent paging at a personal pace controlled by the user are possible – To stop the pictures transmission you will need to click on the selected picture.
  2. Complete control using the keyboard – a logical and continuous passage using the Tab and Enter/Opening elements and pages with the Enter key.
  3. Every picture has a text alternative (Alt).
  4. The font size may be changed using an accessibility component or by employing the Ctrl key with -/+ on the keyboard.
  5. If you experience contrast that is not legible enough, you can use the contract key via the accessibility component to receive a more readable result.

We went to great effort to offer you an accessible website and we are constantly working to improve it, but it is probable that the website contains pages not yet made accessible or for which a suitable technological solution has not yet been found.

Should you come across an inaccessible page or area, you are invited to notify us and we will send you the information in an accessible format.

We are obliged to make all of the web content accessible so that use of the site will be possible to everybody, including people with disabilities. We shall continue to act according to the guidelines that change from time to time.

If you have encountered any difficulty in receiving service in one of the G City centers or alternatively on the website, we shall be glad to hear your comments so that we may improve the service.

You may contact us in one of the following ways:

Telephone: G City Israel administrative offices 03-7778111

Mail: 8 Aharon Becker St. Tel Baruch, Tel Aviv 6964316

Fax: 03-6962519

Website: Leave your query on the contact page on the G City Israel website, and it will be forwarded to the company’s accessibility coordinator.

The G City Israel Accessibility Coordinator’s details:

Name: Yochai Shalom

Position: Accessibility Coordinator and Project Manager

email: yochai@G

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